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Sidewalk construction

Case Study: The Importance of Indemnification (Hold Harmless) Clauses in Construction Contracts

A resident trips and falls on your sidewalk, which is in the process of being replaced. He injures his back and shoulder, racking up nearly $100,000 in medical bills. The resident then files a lawsuit, alleging the construction site was not properly marked or roped off. Who’s liable for the damages, you or your contractor?

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Emergency pull cord in bathroom stall

Are Your Emergency Pull Cords Working As Designed?

Emergency pull cords are a common feature in multifamily housing, installed throughout units as a safety precaution for residents who may need emergency assistance. But if a pull cord system is improperly maintained or monitored, it can endanger residents by providing a false sense of comfort. 

"Housing organizations should ensure that emergency pull cords are functioning, tested, and monitored by a third party with a solid contract in place so emergency services can be notified if a cord is pulled," said Elizabeth Owens, HAI Group's director of risk control and consulting. 

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