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Best Practices for Maintaining a Safe and Successful Splash Pad

Recreational water facilities—also known as splash parks, splash pads, spray grounds, wet decks, or spray parks—have gained popularity over the last decade. They’re interactive, non-natural recreational areas where water is sprayed, splashed, or poured onto visitors. Water drains immediately out of the play area instead of accumulating. There’s no doubt these recreational areas provide plenty of fun in the sun, but they also present unique hazards for residents and guests. Check out our tips below, and get in touch with a member of our Risk Control and Consulting team if you have any questions.

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To Mow, or Not To Mow: Should Residents Be Involved in Property Maintenance?

Most housing organizations handle lawn maintenance and snow removal directly or through an insured third-party contractor, but it's not uncommon for residents of scattered sites to take on the responsibility. This can take the burden off busy maintenance teams and help instill a sense of pride in residents, but is it worth the risk?

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