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11 Common Multifamily Employment Claims To Consider

So long as a housing organization has employees, it is likely to face some type of employment practice liability exposure. Fortunately, there are ways an organization can mitigate this type of loss. The first step is understanding the types of claims that can arise if your organization doesn't abide by the applicable state and federal employment laws.

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Does My Affordable Housing Organization Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

It’s common to assume your general liability insurance policy covers cyber liability. The reality is that these policies are separate but equally important in today’s landscape. General liability coverage protects housing organizations from a wide range of exposures, including injuries and property damage, but isn’t designed to handle the nuance of cyber risk.

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Do You Need Business Income Insurance?

If you run an affordable housing organization, chances are your insurance agent or carrier representative has recommended that you invest in business income insurance, or BII. But what is it, exactly? And do public and affordable housing organizations really need it? Read on for answers.

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HAI Group Claims and Loss Control Guide

At HAI Group, we’ve made the property and liability claim filing process as simple as possible for you and your organization. This guide provides a detailed explanation of the entire process, from pre-event documentation and post-event loss control to investigations and recordkeeping. Accidents happen–HAI Group is here to help.

Report A Claim

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