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Andrew Ragali is a senior marketing specialist at HAI Group. His core focus is the development of compelling and informative content to help HAI Group's clients navigate insurance and risk management in the affordable housing industry. Send Andrew your ideas, questions, and thoughts: aragali@housingcenter.com

Cybersecurity 101: Simple and Effective Password Tips

We tend to fancy our passwords as undecipherable, but the data clearly shows otherwise: 60% of the breaches analyzed in Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report leveraged weak or stolen passwords. Cybercriminals aren’t just guessing our passwords; they’re making well-informed guesses. They can use several methods and tools to hack passwords, such as programs that record keystrokes, social engineering (e.g., phishing), and password dictionary databases with lists of the most commonly used password phrases.

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Does My Affordable Housing Organization Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

It’s common to assume your general liability insurance policy covers cyber liability. The reality is that these policies are separate but equally important in today’s landscape. General liability coverage protects housing organizations from a wide range of exposures, including injuries and property damage, but isn’t designed to handle the nuance of cyber risk.

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6 Real-Life Ransomware Attacks That Shocked Affordable Housing and Public Sector Agencies

There’s a spine-chilling uptick in cyberattacks—the FBI received a record number of cyber-related complaints last year, with reported losses of over $4.1 billion. A housing organization might not seem like the most lucrative target for a hacker (compared to a billion-dollar private sector business), but criminals are opportunists.

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