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Andrew Ragali

Andrew Ragali is a senior marketing specialist at HAI Group. His core focus is the development of compelling and informative content to help HAI Group's clients navigate insurance and risk management in the affordable housing industry. Send Andrew your ideas, questions, and thoughts: aragali@housingcenter.com

Tools and building blueprint

Safety-Oriented Building Upgrades Multifamily Affordable Housing Providers Should Consider

If you own or manage multifamily housing properties, you know there are many risks to consider daily, including fire danger, water damage, electrical issues, and property security.


Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent all accidents and incidents. It's impossible. Mitigating these risks is just part of the job. Luckily, there are several common-sense building upgrades that can help property owners, property managers, and maintenance personnel do that job. These upgrades can limit or completely prevent devastating lossessaving time, money, and most importantly, lives.

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Ariana Parker

(Former) Intern Spotlight: Ariana Parker, HAI Group Human Resources Generalist

Ariana Parker works in HAI Group's Human Resources department, with a focus on recruiting top talent to work for the company. Part of the job includes explaining the benefits of HAI Group's culture and work environment to job candidates, aspects Parker learned about first-hand through her participation in HAI Group’s internship program.  

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Children playing on playground

Preventing Accidents and Injuries on Multifamily-Managed Playgrounds

Playgrounds are fun places for children to play, and outdoor playgrounds offer a healthy balance to staying indoors. They provide growing young people with an outlet for their energy, as well as a place to develop emotional, social, and intellectual skills and abilities.

With a strong playground safety program that includes inspection and maintenance, playgrounds can be very safe spaces for children to learn and grow. That goes without saying; if your organization doesn’t have safety precautions in place, playgrounds can be dangerous.

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How to Prepare for and Respond to Flooding

A flood is defined as a condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow. Floods are among the most common and deadliest natural disasters in the United States and affect every region of the country, causing severe property damage each year. Just an inch of floodwater can cause as much as $25,000 in damage, according to FEMA.

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Explained: Wrap-Up Insurance and the Differences Between OCIPs and CCIPs

Housing organizations taking on large construction projects may be exposed to insurance products they aren’t familiar with to cover construction-related risks. One such product is wrap-up insurance, a type of construction liability policy with two variations—owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs) and contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIPs).

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