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Andrew Ragali | Manager, Marketing and Communications | HAI Group

Andrew Ragali is a manager with HAI Group's Marketing and Communications Department. His core focus is the development of compelling and informative content to help HAI Group's clients navigate insurance and risk management in the affordable housing industry. Send Andrew your ideas, questions, and thoughts: aragali@housingcenter.com

Ed Malaspina of HAI Group is interviewed by Lori Chordas of AM Best

Innovations and Challenges in Insurance: HAI Group CEO's Views on AI, Weather, and Workforce

HAI Group President and CEO Ed Malaspina recently sat down with Lori Chordas from AM Best for an AM Best TV segment on maintaining a skilled workforce in today's work environment, the effects of artificial intelligence on the insurance industry, emerging cybersecurity threats, and the impact severe weather has on insurance carriers.

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10 Ways to Optimize Housing Operations with Strategic Record Management

Record management is crucial for the success and sustainability of public and affordable housing organizations. Properly managed records can enhance operational efficiency and play a pivotal role in mitigating risks and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

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Insurance Implications: The Pros and Cons of Direct Hiring vs. Contracted Security Services for Housing Organizations

In ensuring the safety and security of residents, a critical decision housing organizations face is whether to directly hire security personnel or opt for contracting with a third-party security service. Both options have advantages and drawbacks, but it's crucial to understand the insurance implications associated with each choice.

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Why Tenant Discrimination Insurance is a Priority for Affordable Housing Organizations

Ensuring fair and equal treatment of tenants is of utmost importance in the housing industry. Unfortunately, instances of tenant discrimination—whether intentional or unintentional—still occur, posing significant financial and reputational risks to housing organizations.

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Stay Ahead of the Storm: How Affordable Housing Organizations Can Prepare for Summer Weather

As the U.S. grapples with increasingly severe and unpredictable weather patterns, public and affordable housing organizations must be prepared for the challenges posed by extreme summer weather. From scorching heat waves to intense storms, organizations must take proactive measures to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of residents and employees.

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Insuring Success: The Crucial Function of Certificates of Insurance

In the realm of commercial insurance, certificates of insurance (COIs) play a crucial role in facilitating business transactions and safeguarding the interests of various stakeholders. These documents provide tangible proof of insurance coverage and valuable information about policy details, limits, and endorsements.

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Tailored Insurance Guidance: HAI Group's Account Executives at Your Service

Insurance can be complicated, especially if you work with multiple carriers and agents to meet your organization’s insurance needs. It can get a little overwhelming when navigating coverage requirements for affiliate entities, requesting insurance certificates, deciphering insurance terms, and managing relationships. That’s where HAI Group’s Account Services team comes in. 

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