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Insurance, Risk Management, and Professional Development Tips for the Affordable Housing Industry.

Severe mold in an apartment unit. Image courtesy of AEI Consultants.

Remediating and Preventing Mold in Multifamily Housing

Left untreated, mold can cause significant health risks for your residents—and significant liability for your organization. Don't believe us? The image at the top of this article, courtesy of AEI Consultants, is a great example of what can happen to a unit when mold is left unaddressed. To help you combat the fast-growing fungi, HAI Group turned to three experts: Tim Woodward and Sarah Feit of AEI Consultants, and Lawrence Schnapf of Schnapf Law.

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Everything You Need to Know About Public Housing Insurance Requirements

Insurance is optional for most businesses. Still, given the role insurance plays in minimizing financial loss in the event of a mishap, it’s a layer of protection most companies opt to purchase. For a public housing agency (PHA), the decision to purchase insurance extends beyond protecting people, property, and assets—certain coverages must be purchased if the PHA is interested in funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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3 Skills You Need to Be an Effective Manager in the Affordable Housing Industry

The micromanager. The workaholic. The narcissist. Chances are you’ve encountered at least one of these bad boss types in your career, so it might not come as a surprise to hear that organizations fail to hire the right candidate for a managerial position 82 percent of the time. On top of that, over the last few years, managers have been put through the wringer—they’ve had to endure a pandemic, find solutions to retain and attract talent during the Great Resignation, and keep employees engaged in the wake of ‘quiet quitting.’ So, what’s the secret sauce to beating the odds and hiring—or becoming—a successful manager? HAI Group’s Staci Canny asked Michael Teape, owner and lead training consultant of Teape Training International, for advice. 

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Interested in Preserving Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing in Your Community? Hear from Two Organizations Doing Just That.

While the terms ‘subsidized’ and ‘affordable’ often go hand in hand when most people think about the U.S. affordable housing stock, the reality is that only 25 percent of the country’s affordable rental units receive government subsidies. The other 75 percent is known as naturally occurring affordable housing, or NOAH. NOAH refers to rental properties that are affordable to low- and moderate-income families due to the properties’ age, amenities, physical condition, or location in lower-cost markets. But, despite their vast presence, these properties are at a high risk of disappearing due to redevelopment, disrepair, and economic instability. HAI Group’s Staci Canny talked to Dr. Hilary Lopez, executive director of Reno Housing Authority in Nevada, and Dunni T. Cosey Gay, director of the Preservation Compact, a Chicago-area policy collaborative, to hear how their organizations have found success with preserving NOAH in their respective communities as a complement to subsidized housing. 

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