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Insurance, Risk Management, and Professional Development Tips for the Affordable Housing Industry.

From Insights to Action: How HAI Group's Risk Control Collaboratives Empower Housing Professionals

Kechelle Jones entered HAI Group’s Mid-Atlantic Risk Control Collaborative in early August 2023 with uncertainty about what awaited her. Upon leaving the event, equipped with newly acquired policies, procedures, and best practices, she promptly initiated transformative changes within her housing organization.

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PODCAST: HAI Group's Troy LePage Discusses the Company's Tech-Driven Evolution and the Power of Partnership

In a strategic initiative to enhance customer experience, elevate operations, and drive growth, HAI Group embarked on a comprehensive journey in 2023 to transition from an outdated core insurance system to a cutting-edge enterprise full-suite insurance platform provided by OneShield—an industry leader in tailored business solutions for property and casualty insurers.

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Nuclear Verdicts and the Nation's Most Formidable Litigation Environments

Nuclear verdicts—generally considered legal verdicts exceeding $10 million—significantly contribute to social inflation, a term used in the insurance industry to describe the rising costs of insurance claims due to changing social attitudes, perceptions, and legal trends.

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From Risk to Resilience: Resources to Protect Affordable Housing from Natural Hazards

The Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC), is the research entity of HAI Group, an insurer exclusively serving public and affordable housing for more than 35 years. PAHRC’s work focuses on the impact that affordable homes bring to families and communities. In this guest blog, Kelly McElwain, PAHRC’s industry intelligence and research manager, explains how you can make your properties more resilient to natural hazards.

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Samantha Thomas and Ed Malaspina stand in front of HAI Group's Gratitude Tree

Growing with Gratitude: Inside HAI Group's Inspiring Gratitude Tree Project

In early December, Ed Malaspina, president and CEO of HAI Group, discovered a surprising sight in the Redding room, a spacious gathering area within the company's Cheshire, Connecticut office. Unlike the dormant and barren trees outside, a tree adorned the room's south wall, growing day by day, leaf by leaf.

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2023 Rewind: HAI Group's Most Popular Content Unveiled

As we say goodbye to another transformative year, join us in exploring HAI Group's most popular blog posts, risk management resources, and HAI Group Online Training courses of 2023. These resources serve as essential tools for housing professionals navigating an ever-evolving landscape.

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Security Under Scrutiny: The Evolving Landscape of Multifamily Premises Liability

In 2015, during a visit to a Kroger grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia, a 26-year-old man was robbed and shot by two assailants, resulting in his paralysis. Four years later, a jury awarded the man nearly $70 million after his attorneys successfully argued that Kroger was aware of the store's location in an unsafe, high-crime area but failed to deploy security guards in the parking lot where the shooting occurred.

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