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Claims Corner: Navigating Legal Risks in Public Housing Security

Some housing agencies employ security personnel directly or through third-party services to ensure resident safety. However, these personnel can face complex and tragic situations requiring difficult decisions, as highlighted in a recent wrongful death lawsuit in Ohio in which a police officer employed by a public housing authority (PHA) fatally shot a man, claiming self-defense.

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From Mitigation to Maintenance: Top Online Training Courses for Housing Professionals

As a housing professional, you juggle various responsibilities, including customer service, mitigation, mediation, transportation, and maintenance. Mastering these skills and ensuring resident safety and satisfaction doesn't happen overnight—it requires dedicated training.

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Navigating Elevator Safety: Compliance and Requirements in Residential Buildings

Elevators are a common feature in multistory public and affordable housing properties, offering convenience and accessibility to residents. From transporting groceries to aiding those with mobility restrictions, elevators have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. 

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5 Things to Know: Navigating Service Animal vs. Pet Accommodations in Public Housing

Over the years, man’s best friend has transformed from a protector of livestock and household pets to a contributing member of society. As a service dog, canines of any size and breed take on critical responsibilities to ensure their owner is safe, such as identifying when their owner will have a seizure, or by getting the medicine they need to treat an illness.

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