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Insurance, Risk Management, and Professional Development Tips for the Affordable Housing Industry.

Is a Solar PV System Right for Your Affordable Housing Organization?

Thanks to numerous incentives and better technology, installing a solar photovoltaics (PV) system on your multifamily apartment building is more affordable than ever. It may also be a smart investment. Going solar can help you lower your greenhouse gas emissions, increase your property’s value, and hedge against utility rate hikes. Perhaps more important, a solar PV system can lower your electric bill, helping you better manage your operating costs, which can help keep your rents stable. 

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How to Communicate Through a Crisis

David Oates is the kind of professional you hope you never need. A former U.S. Navy public affairs officer, Dave runs Public Relations Security Service, a San Diego-based crisis communications firm. Dave spends his days helping his clients prepare for, and communicate through, all kinds of crises, including employee and executive misconduct, cybersecurity attacks, product recalls, mass layoffs, large-scale accidents, criminal investigations, civil litigation, and more. A sought-after speaker, Dave taught a semester-long public relations program at San Diego State University, published three books, and co-produced two LinkedIn Learning courses, Crisis Communication for HR, and HR Communication in Today’s Fluid Workplace. In between clients, he gave HAI Group’s Amy Hourigan a crash course on how affordable housing organizations can plan for, and ace, crisis communications.                                                     

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4 Ways Your Housing Organization Can Benefit From Accreditation

Affordable housing providers are a busy group. Every day, you juggle multiple competing priorities with limited time and resources, with scant room for projects that don’t advance your organization’s mission. If you’ve ever wondered whether accreditation is worth your time, here are four benefits of pursuing the designation through the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board (AHAB).

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