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Insurance, Risk Management, and Professional Development Tips for the Affordable Housing Industry.

Explained: HAI Group Agency Services

Insurance can be complicated, especially if you work with multiple carriers and agents to meet your organization’s insurance needs. It can get a little overwhelming when navigating coverage requirements for affiliate entities, requesting insurance certificates, deciphering insurance terms, and managing relationships. That’s where HAI Group’s Account Services team comes in. 

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Burning Issue: Understanding the Fire Risks of E-Bikes, Micromobility Products for Housing Agencies

The popularity and availability of micromobility products such as electric bikes (e-bikes), electric scooters (e-scooters), and hoverboards have drastically increased in the last several years. These modes of transportation are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can pose a severe fire hazard when damaged or charged improperly.

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Want to Build New Deeply Affordable Housing? Check Out the Faircloth-to-RAD Program

HAI Group is a leading sponsor of the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC), a nonprofit that researches the impact that affordable homes bring to families and communities. In this guest blog, Kelly McElwain, PAHRC’s industry intelligence and research manager, explains how a recent federal program can be leveraged to address housing needs.

Despite an estimated shortage of 7.3 million rental homes affordable and available to extremely low-income families, public housing authorities (PHAs) nationwide have not received congressional funding to build new deeply affordable housing in their communities in decades. PHAs’ hands became even more tied after Congress passed the Faircloth Amendment, which capped PHA public housing stock at the number of public housing units they operated as of October 1, 1999 (known as their ‘Faircloth Authority’). This created a de facto ban on building new public housing.

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Get to Know the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC)

At a time when a decent, safe, and affordable place to call home is out of reach for more than 15 million Americans, the preservation of affordable housing is more important than ever. For over a decade, the Public and Affordable Housing Research Organization (PAHRC) has been on a mission to help improve this statistic by providing data, research, and tools to help policymakers, housing providers, researchers, advocates, and other stakeholders raise awareness about this critical issue, and ultimately impact change.

In addition to partnering with some big names in the industry, PAHRC has a longstanding relationship with the affordable housing insurance carrier HAI Group, which has been a key sponsor of PAHRC since its inception in 2012. Both organizations share the same goal of supporting the affordable housing industry through various avenues. Over the years, HAI Group’s financial support has made numerous initiatives possible, from webinar opportunities to obtaining data for PAHRC’s annual Housing Impact Report, and most notably, developing the National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD).

HAI Group’s Staci Canny sat down with Kelly McElwain, a lead research analyst at PAHRC, to discuss her work.

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