2023 Rewind: HAI Group's Most Popular Content Unveiled

As we say goodbye to another transformative year, join us in exploring HAI Group's most popular blog posts, risk management resources, and HAI Group Online Training courses of 2023. These resources serve as essential tools for housing professionals navigating an ever-evolving landscape.

Our commitment to the organizations and professionals dedicating their careers to the public and affordable housing industry is evident in the resources we diligently create, ranging from insightful blog posts to comprehensive risk management tools and industry-leading training courses.

The answer to why we invest time and effort in producing these resources lies in our unwavering dedication to supporting housing organizations and professionals in their pursuit of excellence. We recognize that the success of public and affordable housing is intrinsically tied to the success of the professionals steering these organizations. We applaud the professionals who embraced the tools and insights we shared throughout 2023.

Let's dig into the most popular content we've produced in the last year.

Most popular blog articles

Our blog is your go-to source for all things related to public and affordable housing. From insurance and risk management to invaluable professional development tips tailored for industry professionals, we've got you covered. Our blog is among the 20 best affordable housing blogs and websites. Our marketers and thought leaders have published over 70 articles this year. 

Here are the most popular blog articles of 2023: GettyImages-600669266

  1. Insurance Implications: The Pros and Cons of Direct Hiring vs. Contracted Security Services for Housing Organizations: Housing organizations face the dilemma of hiring security personnel directly or contracting with a third-party security service. Explore the insurance factors to consider when making this vital decision.

  2. Cybersecurity Culture: How Public Housing Organizations Can Embrace Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Cyber threats are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and targeted. Learn how and why housing organizations should participate in Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is observed annually in October.

  3. Balancing Care and Caution: Risks of Visiting Nurses in Affordable Housing Communities: Discover the potential risks of partnering with visiting nurses and the precautions housing organizations should take regarding visiting nurses hired directly by residents for care.

  4. Fire Safety in Affordable Housing: The Benefits of Collaborating with Your Local Fire Department: Learn how public and affordable housing organizations can effectively work with local fire departments to improve resident safety.

  5. Explained: Public Housing vs. Affordable Housing: The terms public housing and affordable housing are often confused, and understandably so, as both refer to rental housing established for eligible low-income families. Learn how these housing options differ and where they intersect.

  6. Demystifying Insurance Coverage Limits: Amid the insurance terminology maze, housing organizations are frequently confronted with discussions about coverage limits and sublimits. But what do these terms mean? Embark on a journey of understanding.

  7. Cybersecurity Resilience: A Guide for Affordable Housing Organizations Seeking Robust Cyber Insurance Coverage: From understanding policy nuances to assessing coverage adequacy, learn the key considerations for housing organizations looking to secure comprehensive cyber insurance. 

  8. Exploring the Guardians of Community Affordability: Insights from Two Proactive Organizations: Only 25% of the country's affordable rental units receive government subsidies. The other 75% is called naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH), and it's at risk. Learn how two organizations are tackling challenges and championing affordable housing for all. 

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  9. The Case for Growing with the Multifamily Affordable Housing Market: In a market as broad and fragmented as commercial insurance, it takes a specialized approach for insurance agents and brokers to build and maintain a successful book of business. Discover potential growth opportunities in the multifamily affordable housing category, a segment of the commercial habitational market.

  10. Navigating Contractor Partnerships: Strategies for Identifying and Minimizing Project Risks: Learn how to select qualified contractors, monitor their work, and ensure your organization, as the project owner, doesn't expose itself to unnecessary risks.

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Most popular training courses

HAI Group Online Training is the trusted training choice for over 2,200 housing organizations nationwide, providing a robust platform for professional development. Housing professionals can conveniently access a comprehensive catalog with industry-recognized certifications and a diverse range of courses spanning compliance, customer service, cybersecurity, development and finance, human resources, maintenance, management and leadership, personal growth, risk management, and wellness.

With such a broad spectrum of topics, HAI Group Online Training offers value for every housing professional, supporting continuous growth and success.

Here are the most popular training courses of 2023:

  1. Customer Service Basics: Master the art of customer service and learn how to develop a customer service policy for your organization.

  2. Admissions and Occupancy: Section 504 and Fair Housing Compliance: Learn how to implement proactive steps to comply with fair housing laws and regulations and affirmative outreach requirements in your organization. 

  3. New Employee Orientation for Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV): Dive into an overview of the public housing and HCV programs and an introduction to fair housing and reasonable accommodation. GettyImages-1438033345

  4. Auto Safety: Safe Driving is No Accident: Delve into the primary factors contributing to accidents and explore the fundamental principles of automotive safety.

  5. CHAM: Nuts and Bults of Asset Management (AM121): Learn the basics of how to analyze the performance of your affordable housing portfolio, plan for long-term sustainability, and strengthen your ability to manage your assets. This course is one of three required to achieve the CHAM Asset Management Specialist (AMS) designation. 

  6. CHAM: Asset Management Fundamentals (AM290): Discover the basics of housing finance, the components of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) deals, and the role and expectations of LIHTC investors. Explore how resident services programs and healthy homes strategies can play a role in improving the long-term performance of properties. This course is one of three required to achieve the CHAM Asset Management Specialist (AMS) designation.

  7. Sexual Harassment: Education and Prevention 2023 (Course Expires on December 31, 2023): Learn how to recognize and understand sexual harassment, methods to identify several forms of unlawful workplace behaviors, and expectations for responding to and reporting sexual harassment and related workplace concerns.

  8. Workplace Bullying: Explore the impact of workplace bullying and learn how to identify and deal with bullying behavior.

  9. General Ethics in the Workplace: Gain a basic sense of ethics in the workplace, understand the pitfalls of money and ethics, and learn how to act ethically toward colleagues and the general public.

  10. Diversity Awareness: Staff to Staff: Learn how to identify behaviors contributing to a hostile work environment and discover strategies to increase diversity awareness.

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Most popular risk management guides

As an insurance carrier dedicated to the public and affordable housing industry, we recognize the paramount significance of securing your organization's assets. Our Risk Control and Consulting team diligently analyzes claims data, incorporates valuable policyholder feedback, and stays abreast of industry trends—a multifaceted approach that enables us to craft comprehensive guides that empower you to navigate and mitigate risks proactively.

Here are the most popular risk management guides of 2023:

  1. Contingency Planning for Equipment Failures GettyImages-473313240-1

  2. What is Methamphetamine?

  3. Defective Electric Panels and Circuit Breakers

  4. Managing Vacant Units and Properties

  5. Cybersecurity Playbook

  6. Playground Safety

  7. Hailstorm Preparedness

  8. Managing Power Outages

  9. Solar Energy Rooftop Risks

  10. Managing Fire-Related Water Damage

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Bonus: Most popular risk management webinars

Aside from the monthly webinars our Risk Control and Consulting team hosts as part of our Risk Control Learning Series, we hosted several engaging virtual sessions in November as part of our 2023 Risk Management Conference.

Here are the most popular webinar sessions of 2023:

  1. Case Studies on Negligent Security Claims

  2.  How to Write Resident Communications That Deliver Results 

  3. New Developments in Rodent Control for Public Housing

  4. Natural Gas Safety in Public and Affordable HousingGettyImages-492486990

  5. How the EPA is Handling LEAD and PFAS in Multifamily Housing

  6. The Dark Side of AI: Unmasking its Threats and Navigating the Shadows of Cybersecurity 

  7. Safe and Effective Cockroach Control in Multifamily Housing 

  8. Realistic Expectations and Approaches to Bed Bugs in Public and Affordable Housing

  9. Strategies to Enhance Playground Safety

  10. The Risks Associated With Vacant Properties

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