How to Use HAI Group's Guided Business Continuity Planning Tool for Affordable Housing Organizations

If an emergency strikes, does your housing organization have a plan in place to remain operational, or is the development of a business continuity plan stuck on the back burner?

No matter your answer, HAI Group is here to help. We've developed a tool to guide your organization through creating a customized business continuity plan (BCP). Watch the video below for a step-by-step overview, or keep reading to learn more! 


What is a business continuity plan, and why is it important?

A BCP is a document that outlines how a business will continue its operations during an unplanned service disruption. It contains contingencies for every aspect of the business that might be affected.

In normal circumstances, developing a BCP can feel time-consuming and burdensome. But with HAI Group's guided tool and the right mindset—that you're developing a clear plan to protect the vital work your organization does in the community—your organization is set up for success. 

Disastrous disruptions are never predictable, which is why a well-thought-out BCP is so critical. Your organization needs to be in a position to act quickly and decisively in an emergency. Ideally, your organization's BCP is established well ahead of time so staff can be trained on contingency plans, helping to avoid confusion in the heat of the moment. 

Getting started with HAI Group's BCP tool

We know you're busy, so HAI Group's tool offers three BCP creation options depending on your available time. The three versions are:

  • BCP Overview

  • Intermediate BCP

  • Comprehensive BCP

The modules in the tool are progressive, so after completing the overview, it's easy to continue developing an intermediate or comprehensive BCP.

HAI Group members can access this BCP tool free of charge through our Risk Management Center located within each member's Account Dashboard:
  • Go to and select "Member Login" in the top right corner to access your Account Dashboard (highlighted yellow in the below image). If you don't have an account, you can select "register now" and enter your information to create an account. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for our team to complete your registration and send you your temporary password.

Once you're logged in, you'll land on your Account Dashboard. Select the "Risk Management Center" option highlighted below.

From there, select the highlighted "Business Continuity Plan" icon, then "Access Tool."

HAI Group's Risk Control and Consulting team developed this BCP tool in partnership with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NFMC). You must create an NFMC account to access the BCP tool since it's separate from HAI Group's website. This tool is free of charge for HAI Group members; please be sure you include the name of your housing organization when creating your account for verification purposes.

Once you're ready, click "Getting Started with My BCP." If you've already started working on your plan, you can select "continue with My BCP' to jump back in.

You will be prompted to select the option you would like depending on your capacity and the scope of the final product:

  • The overview option can be completed within 30 minutes and will result in a 1-2 page document indicating your overall approach to managing business interruptions. It focuses on BCP responsibility, identifying critical operations and those operations that can be scaled back during business interruptions, and also outlines your recovery strategies.

  • The intermediate plan may take up to 60 minutes. It will result in a 5-6 page document that includes everything from the overview, key contacts, your communication strategy, and your approach to training for the plan.

  • Plan on setting aside at least two hours to complete the comprehensive BCP version. This will produce a 10-plus-page complete business continuity plan covering all aspects of the two previous versions, plus; how your agency will handle the safety of residents during emergencies or business interruptions, financial operations, emergency preparedness for specific events such as natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorism, IT assets, staffing considerations, and an enhanced communications plan.

HAI Group's risk control team is here to help guide you through this process and can answer any questions along the way. 

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