(Former) Intern Spotlight: Lyle Luth, HAI Group Online Training Developer

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Lyle Luth learned the basics of video production during his HAI Group internship, an experience that helped kickstart his professional career.

Lyle Luth

Luth interned with HAI Group Online Training in 2015 and 2016 and currently works in the department as a developer, a job that involves video production. Before his internship, Luth didn't have any video production experience. He learned the basics from two HAI Group specialists during his internship.

While Luth initially took the internship as part of his college studies, the experience provided more than course credits—it led to a "life-changing opportunity." 

Luth recently sat down with HAI Group Senior Marketing Specialist Andrew Ragali to talk about the lessons he learned during his HAI Group internship experience.

Lyle Luth, HAI Group Online Training Developer 

Andrew Ragali: Tell me about your initial perception of HAI Group early in your internship? Did that perception change over time? 


Lyle Luth: My initial perception was that I would be doing busy work as an intern, such as filing documents and going on coffee runs, but as soon as I joined, I was trained to do tasks that made an impact in my department. HAI Group gave me real job duties and real work experience.


AR: Were there any life or career lessons you learned from your internship that stand out?


LL: One career and life lesson I learned was that being outgoing and building relationships with people is the key to success.


AR: What did you enjoy most about your internship? What was the most challenging aspect?


LL: My favorite part of the internship was the fundraiser we were able to put together. We did an “Iron Chef” style event where different departments raised money and had a cooking competition. It was a fulfilling experience and everyone had a great time. The most challenging aspect of my internship was our presentation at the end. Throughout the entire internship, we had to work on a project that could impact the organization. In my first internship with HAI Group, I focused on a marketing plan for our department, and for my second internship, I focused on building sustainability in the office. We then had to present these projects to the company's executive management team and managers.


AR: Was your goal to land a full-time job with HAI Group after your internship? How did you end up going from intern to employee?


LL: My goal was to get a full-time job, but I was a junior in college for my first internship, so I couldn’t work full time after my first year. I was lucky enough to get brought back for a second year, and I was offered a job after that.


AR: What lessons from your internship helped prepare you for your current job?


LL: I learned a lot about video production in my internship, which is something I’m very much involved in today. Video production was something I had no prior experience in, so I had to learn everything in a short amount of time, but the production team for HAI Group Online Training (Anthony Santos and Vin Rosa) was great in showing me the ropes.


AR: Were there one or more mentors from your internship that made a lasting impact? If so, please tell us how?


LL: As I previously stated, Anthony Santos and Vin Rosa really showed me everything I now know about video production, from planning to editing. Another person who took me under their wing was HAI Group Online Training Director Kristina Tatroe. She showed me everything I needed to see about the business side of our department and helped develop me into a professional. Gathering experience from all of these people gave me knowledge of both sides of the HAI Group Online Training business.


AR: What advice would you give someone considering an HAI Group internship?


LL: I would tell them to take it, as it could be a life-changing opportunity. HAI Group has given me so much, and it all started with an internship.

HAI Group is currently recruiting for its 2022 internship program, running from June to August. There are four full-time, paid internship positions available:

Visit HAI Group's Career Center for more information. 

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