Empower Your Organization: Get Certified in Economic Development and Rental Housing Finance

Empower Your Organization: Get Certified in Economic Development and Rental Housing Finance

Completing a certificate program offers many benefits for employees, including gaining industry-relevant experience, expanding their knowledge and skill set, and boosting their productivity.

HAI Group Online Training is your gateway to over 100 courses and essential certifications designed to elevate the expertise of housing professionals. More than 2,200 housing organizations nationwide rely on HAI Group Online Training to support public and affordable housing staff in their ongoing education and development.

In addition to its expansive online catalog, HAI Group Online Training offers introductory courses for two prestigious Grow America certificate programs—the Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) Certification program and the Rental Housing Development Finance Professional (RHDFP) Certification program.

For over 50 years, Grow America (formerly the National Development Council) has championed economic opportunity and community improvement across the U.S. Their mission focuses on increasing capital flow into low-income communities, supporting affordable housing development and preservation, fostering job creation through training and small business support, and enhancing livable communities via social infrastructure investment.

The EDPH program empowers housing professionals to transform development opportunities into impactful outcomes for their communities.

The RHDFP program equips housing professionals with in-depth knowledge of housing development processes, financial strategies for rental housing projects, and critical problem-solving skills essential for successfully navigating complex deals.

Seize flexibility and accessibility: Start your Grow America certification journey anytime, anywhere with HAI Group Online Training.

Training is a clear necessity for many organizations, but finding the time to address this need can be challenging due to the multitude of responsibilities that employees juggle. However, with HAI Group Online Training, organizations can overcome these challenges and empower their teams with essential skills and certifications.

One of the primary advantages of partnering with HAI Group Online Training is its unparalleled access and convenience. Employees can seamlessly take certification courses anytime, from any location, and on most devices, ensuring flexibility without compromising quality.

Discover how Grow America's foundational courses for Grow America's EDPH and RHDFP certification programs can benefit your organization and unlock new opportunities for growth and impact.

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Economic Development Finance | ED 101


The first course in the EDFP program, Economic Development Finance, provides a solid understanding of the essential tools and newest techniques used by successful economic development finance practitioners to assist small businesses and create jobs. For public housing authority managers and program staff, this course is beneficial for advancing understanding and building skills in community economic development, improving supplier diversity, and promoting resident entrepreneurship.

Key takeaways include:

  • Exploring economic development activities as part of a community's overall economic development finance strategy.
  • Investigating the finance resources available for job creation projects.
  • Analyzing and structuring economic development projects for small and medium-sized businesses and commercial real estate developments using incentive financing packages.

Course topics include:

  • An overview of economic development finance.
  • Financing gaps in the private capital markets.
  • Underwriting practices of private sector lenders.
  • Plugging financial gaps with economic development financing incentives.
  • Implementing financing programs through an economic development system.

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Rental Housing Development Finance | HD 420


The first course in the RHDFP program, Rental Housing Development Finance, thoroughly examines the practice of affordable rental housing finance and development. This course, designed for rental housing managers and interested employees, is critical to learning the underwriting criteria used by lenders, understanding the methods for attracting the maximum private capital, and reviewing techniques for using public funds to fill financing gaps.

Key takeaways include:

  • Learning the steps of the housing development process.
  • Understanding techniques used to analyze and structure financing for rental house deals.
  • Gaining the problem-solving and negotiating skills necessary to make complicated deals feasible.

Course topics include:

  • The rental housing development process.
  • Historic Rehabilitation and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.
  • Negotiating.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Deal Structuring.

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