Inside HAI Group's Journey to a Fourth Consecutive Top Workplaces Honor in Connecticut

HAI Group has once again proven its commitment to fostering an exceptional work environment by securing a coveted spot on the Top Workplaces 2023 list by the Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

This accolade, achieved for the fourth consecutive year, places HAI Group among a select group of Connecticut companies recognized for their outstanding workplace culture.

"My initial reaction to winning the Top Workplaces award for the fourth consecutive year was one of immense pride and satisfaction," HAI Group Chief Human Resources Officer Amy Galvin said. "Consistently winning this award means we're on the right track in creating an environment where our employees not only work but also thrive and feel happy."

Capture-Jan-31-2024-05-53-50-5090-PM HAI Group continues its streak of excellence, securing its position as a Top Workplace in Connecticut for an impressive four consecutive years. The accolades extend beyond overall workplace recognition, with the company earning special distinctions for its exemplary Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) practices, exceptional leadership, competitive compensation and benefits, and more. 

The evaluation process 

The Top Workplaces program categorizes organizations into size bands to ensure that organizations of different sizes are evaluated on a comparable scale. HAI Group was honored in the 150-499 employee category. The honor is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology firm Energage, LLC. The confidential survey measures the employee experience and its component themes, including whether employees feel respected and supported, enabled to grow, and empowered to execute.

Organizations must achieve a minimum survey response rate of 35% to be considered for a Top Workplaces award. HAI Group's 2023 survey had a response rate of nearly 93%, which stands out amongst specialty insurance peers, with an average response rate of 80%, according to Energage. Since introducing the survey in 2020, HAI Group's response rate has remained at 92% or higher. 

Galvin said the Top Workplaces process is unique compared to other awards or recognitions, as the focus is on direct input from employees via the survey. She added that there is no participation fee, "reinforcing that recognition is earned through the merit of the workplace environment." 

Energage CEO Eric Rubino called the Top Workplaces award "a badge of honor" for companies because it comes authentically from their employees. 

"In today's market, leaders must ensure they're allowing employees to have a voice and be heard," he said. "That's paramount. Top Workplaces do this, and it pays dividends." 

Turning employee feedback into meaningful action 

The feedback collected from employee surveys is not merely stored away; it serves as a catalyst for action. Company leaders analyze the results to understand what aspects are working well and identify areas for improvement. 

"By looking at the survey results, we learn what makes our employees happy and engaged at work," Galvin said. "Our commitment to listening to our employees and using their feedback shows how much we care about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and happy."

Survey feedback has resulted in tangible initiatives, including health and wellness programs, equipment upgrades in the fitness facility, and regular blood donation drives. Additionally, feedback on technology upgrades and collaboration between departments has been instrumental in shaping the company's direction.

Comparing results from 2022 to 2023, HAI Group saw positive shifts in responses to questions that touch on the organization's overall function, such as strong collaboration across departments and the increased use of technology to gain efficiencies. Galvin pointed out that the phased implementation of a new core insurance software in 2024 directly results from previous employee feedback. 

An emphasis on inclusivity

As reflected in the three words employees were asked to provide in the survey to describe the company, inclusivity is a key focus for HAI Group. A word cloud generated from this data highlights the company's standout cultural aspects, with words like "inclusive," "respectful," and "caring" taking center stage, Galvin said. 

Picture2-1                                         Within the word cloud, larger words signify where the company's culture stands out from similar companies, and green words represent the most engaging aspects of HAI Group's culture. 

"Beyond being mere labels, these words are the heart of our company values," she said. "The survey results affirm that our employees recognize and appreciate these fundamental principles, emphasizing diversity, positive interactions, and a genuine commitment to each individual's well-being and growth."

HAI Group was recognized for the third time with a special award for its DE&I practices.

"It's recognition that we actively champion diverse perspectives and foster an environment where different viewpoints are not just accepted but actively encouraged," Galvin said.

She added that HAI Group will continue to use survey feedback as a foundation for targeted initiatives that respond to employees' evolving needs and expectations.

"Ultimately, our goal is continuous improvement for the benefit of everyone within the organization," she said. "We honestly really care about what our employees think, and I believe that we all want to work in a challenging, fun, comfortable, and positive environment."

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